NGO Scholarship 2024: Apply Online, Last Date And Check Eligibility

Numerous students who are struggling financially and unable to pay for their education are eligible to apply for the NGO Scholarship 2024 These scholarships are given out by non-governmental groups. In addition to the state government, Various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) grant scholarships to students and assist them in providing the necessary financial support to fulfill their goals. In this article you get every information regarding this scholarship including its objective, eligibility criteria and applying procedure.

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NGO Scholarship 2024

In India, there are several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that offer various scholarship programs to those who are unable to pursue higher education because of obstacles like poverty or insufficient funding. Numerous students wish to continue their education in public sector universities, but in order to do so, they must apply for NGO Scholarship 2024 which will assist them in covering their tuition costs. These students number in the thousands. Approximately 38 scholarships have been funded in the form of subsidiaries, making them available for application by students.

In order to enable students to enroll in a variety of courses and degrees and to pursue further education after receiving the scholarships, over 38 scholarships have been funded under the Non Government Scholarships In India. To be eligible for the scholarships offered by the many NGO categories in India, the candidate must meet the qualifying requirements.

NGO Scholarship 2024

Overview of NGO Scholarship 2024

Name of the SchemeNGO Scholarship 2024
Launched byDifferent NGO Bodies
Delegated MinistryMinistry of Electronic and Information
ObjectiveTo Provide Food Security to the People of the State
Application ModeOnline
Official WebsiteVarious

Objective of NGO Scholarship 2024

The primary goal of the Non Government Scholarships In India initiative is to offer Indian students a range of publicly supported or NGO-financed scholarships so they can continue their education with some financial assistance. This will combine several scholarships from multiple portals onto one or more platforms.

List of Scholarship

The many NGOs operating in India are offering the following scholarships:

  • Sanskriti Foundation
  • Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF)

Eligibility Criteria

NameEligibility Criteria
Sitaram Jindal FoundationThe Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship is another award given by the foundation to deserving students who are pursuing education from Class 11 to post-graduation. All year long, applications are being accepted for this award.
Swami Dayanand Education FoundationThe organization provides a variety of merit-based scholarships to students in the USA and India who are enrolled in high school and college. The primary aim of these scholarships is to provide impoverished students with education-based empowerment. Among the important scholarships available to students in India are Scholarships for Swami Dayanand School in Delhi/NCR: Available to students studying in Classes 9-12 (CBSE Board) from the Delhi/NCR region. Swami Dayanand College Scholarship for Delhi/NCR: Available to students from the Delhi/NCR region who completed their class 12 and are pursuing professional degrees.
North South FoundationThis organization grants the North South Foundation Scholarship for Class 12 graduates pursuing a 3 year polytechnic diploma in engineering, medicine or another field. This merit cum means scholarship aids deserving and disadvantaged students in pursuing their education uniformly. Each year, this scholarship provides up to Rs. 25,000 in benefits to over 1,500 students.
Aga Khan FoundationFinancial help is being offered by the foundation to assist students in a select few underdeveloped countries as they pursue higher education. Known as the Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship, this scholarship is offered to students in India. Graduate students who choose to enroll in a master’s program are awarded this grant, which covers their living expenses in addition to tuition. The applicants must be younger than 30 years of age.
Dr.Reddy’s FoundationOversees several projects and activities aimed at educating and equipping youth. The Dr. Reddy’s Foundation Sashakt Scholarship, one of its most well-known initiatives, focuses on inspiring young women to prepare for and pursue careers in science.   Scholarships of up to Rs. 80,000 are available to female students, particularly those from low-income rural and rural areas of India, during their three years of undergraduate studies at recognized science institutes.   The only BSc programs in which this award is applicable are those in the pure/natural science stream.
ONGC Foundation  The organization offers several fellowships and scholarships to students in the General, OBC, SC and ST categories. The following is a list of fellowships and scholarships that the ONGC foundation offers: The OBC Category Scholarship Program offered by the ONGC FoundationScholarships from the ONGC Foundation to Deserving Students in the General Category, Scholarships from the ONGC Foundation to deserving SC/ST students, Fellowship for Fellows at the ONGC Foundation, Fellowships for Coordinator from the ONGC Foundation.
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation  The foundation offers the following lists of grants, scholarships, and awards, Inlaks ScholarshipsResearch and Travel Grant from Inlaks, Awards for Fine Arts Inlaks, Inlaks Theatre Honors, Indian Classical Music Fellowships from Inlaks
Narotam Sekhsaria FoundationThe organization provides a large range of fellowships and scholarships to students who have excelled academically as well as shown overall growth. Below is a list of scholarships that the foundation currently offers: The Postgraduate Scholarship Program of Narotam Sekhsaria Engineers with the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation ScholarshipHigher Secondary Narotam Sekhsaria Awards, Scholarships for Offspring of Law Enforcement Officials
Lady Tata Memorial Trust  To reduce the suffering of people with illnesses, the fund provides institutional research grants and other rewards to Indian researchers. Among these honors are Junior Research Scholarship, Lady Tata Memorial Trust .Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Young Researchers, Lady Tata TrustGrant for Institutional Research Projects
Tata TrustAmong the significant awards and scholarships that the Tata Trusts provide are:JN Scholarship through Tata Endowment Loans Scholarships for Medicine and Healthcare from Tata Trusts, Tata Trusts Means Maharashtra School Grant, Grant for College Professional Enhancement from Tata Trusts, The Lady Meherbai D. Tata Scholarship for Education
Science Olympiad Foundation  The foundation, which has been around for about 25 years, has launched several Olympiads and student grants. Among them are the Girl Child Scholarship Program of the SOF (G.C.S.S). The SOF English Scholarship of Excellence (S.E.E.)SOF The National Science OlympiadOlympiad in International Commerce (ICO) of SOFOlympiad in Mathematics, SOF International (IMO)SOF English Olympiad (IEO) in the WorldNCO, or the SOF National Cyber OlympiadOlympiad of General Knowledge (IGKO) at SOF
Jawaharlal Nehru Trust Memorial FundThese fellowships help fund their doctoral studies for those under 35 with a first-class postgraduate degree. The chosen students receive a contingency grant of Rs. 15,000 each year in addition to a maintenance allowance of Rs. 18,000 per month under this scholarship.  In addition, the fund provides Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowships which are intended to assist particularly gifted students in various fields of study. The chosen fellows get a monthly stipend of Rs. 1 lakh plus an extra annual contingency of up to INR 75,000.
  Federal bank Hormis Memorial Foundation  The Federal Bank Hormis Memorial Foundation Scholarship is another award given by the foundation to students enrolled in their first year of professional education. Under this scholarship, students from the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala are eligible to receive up to 100% of their tuition fees for MBBS, engineering, BSc nursing and agricultural programs, up to a maximum of Rs. 1 lakh annually.
Azim Premji Foundation    The Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship offers individuals the opportunity to contribute to the transformation through collaboration with the foundation. This fellowship was established to give people from different backgrounds with four to ten years of professional experience the opportunity to get expertise in developing a platform in the social and educational sectors. The two-year fellowship program aims to teach individuals that, with enough passion, they can change the world and enlist the cooperation of a whole community.
Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation  The foundation supports the higher education of Gujarati and Maharashtran hearing-impaired students by providing a variety of scholarships, prizes and honors. July and August are the months when applications for these scholarships are accepted. Among the important scholarships are, The Nilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation Scholarship for SSC StudentsNilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation such as Scholarships for High School Certificate and AboveNilam Patel Bahushrut Foundation: Scholarships for Studying Abroad.
Assam Foundation  The Assam organization of North America Academics Scholarship is another award made possible by the organization in light of its goals. The scholarship helps Assamese students who have completed their upper secondary education. Benefits under this scholarship are available to students who are enrolled in or are seeking a bachelor’s degree. 
Fair and Lovely Career Foundation  The Glow and Lovely professional organization Scholarship has been provided by the organization for many years, helping hundreds of girls fulfill their ambitions of becoming professionals. In India, the fellowship seeks to support and encourage female education. Benefits under this scholarship are available to female students in the 15-30 age range for their postsecondary study. This scholarship has also been offered in Nepal by the charity. In addition, the organization offers a number of additional initiatives for female students in India, including online courses, career counseling and more.
GP Birla Educational Foundation  A student can get this scholarship which has a maximum annual value of Rs. 50,000, if they are enrolled in classes in any of the following streams: science, arts, commerce, architecture, engineering, medicine, etc. Under this program, 100 students in total get varying rewards each year, contingent upon meeting qualifying and selection requirements. 
Sanskriti Foundation    The Sanskriti Foundation offers a wide range of fellowships and scholarships, including: Fellowship of Sanskriti – Kalakriti Geddes – Sanskriti Scholarship Fellowship of Sanskriti – Mani Mann Fellowship of Sanskriti – Prabha Dutt Madhobi Chatterji Memorial Fellowship – Sanskriti Pt. Vasant Thakar Memorial Fellowship, Sanskriti.
Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF)This non-profit charity organization with headquarters in the US offers scholarships to students studying in more than 30 disciplines in Punjab and the surrounding regions. Under SHDF Scholarships, students can receive advantages if they want to study professional courses at the certificate, degree, or postgraduate level. The organization has assisted almost 4,000 graduate students throughout its 20 years of operation.

Application Procedure of NGO Scholarship 2024

  • First you have to visit the official Website of the Foundation which has presented the particular scholarship.
  • The homepage will appear on your screen.
  • Click on the Apply Online option.
  • The application form will appear on your screen.
  • Enter all the necessary details in the form Such as
  • Personal Details
  • Educational Details
  • Other Details
  • You have to upload all the necessary documents.
  • Successfully apply for this scholarship of your choice.

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