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The Australian Scholarship 2024 program provides full-time undergraduate or graduate education opportunities for students from developing nations at participating Australian universities and TAFEs. Most prestigious universities including the University of Sydney, Macquarie University, Australian National University, and others provide scholarships. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade oversees Australian scholarships which are primarily administered to meet the developing needs of Australia’s partner nations. The different completely reimbursed study scholarships offered in Australia will be covered.

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Australian Scholarship 2024

Australia is becoming a more and more popular study-abroad location for students. Studying in this stunning nation has many benefits, such as well-regarded colleges, an excellent educational system, beautiful scenery, and friendly people.

Australian Scholarship 2024

Overview of Australian Scholarship 2024

Scholarship NameAustralian Scholarship 2024
Launched byDepartment of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)
Scholarship LevelBachelors/Masters/PhD Degrees
Country/Candidates EligibilityDeveloping Countries
Application ModeOnline
Official Website

Australia Award Scholarships

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade manages the Australia Awards Scholarships which are long-term grants for study and research opportunities. People from developing nations are given chances by them to support the development of their own country. Students are fortunate to receive preliminary instruction in the area of their study. Australia’s 2021 Australia Awards Scholarships are fully financed long-term scholarships.

All recipients of Australian Scholarship 2024 must return home after completing their studies to support development in their home countries since this will ensure the scholarship program’s development effect. After receiving their scholarship, recipients must leave Australia for a minimum of two years. Should this not be done, the recipient will have to repay the Commonwealth of Australia the whole amount of the scholarship.

Benefits of Australian Scholarship 2024

  • Full tuition fee.
  • Payment for one round trip economy class ticket to and from Australia is required for return travel.
  • A portion of the living expenses.
  • The one-time payment covers the cost of study materials, textbooks, and lodging.
  • Allowance for fieldwork research students.
  • extra academic assistance to improve the academic experience of the scholar.
  • Pre-course English costs for students enrolled in training inside the nation or in Australia.
  • For the term of the award, overseas student health coverage OSHC will be provided for award holders only.
  • The Introductory Academic Program is a required course that covers information about living and studying in Australia before official academic courses begin.

University of Tasmania Scholarships

Requirements of Australia Award Scholarships

  • Andhra University
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Indian Institute of Science (Bengaluru)
  • Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology
  • Gandhinagar Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology Madras
  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education
  • Savitribai Phule Pune University
  • Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • University of Delhi University of Hyderabad

Eligibility Criteria

  • ACU offers letters that are unconditional and are required for candidates.
  • Applicants must reside in the Rural Remote Metropolitan region (RRMA) designated region.
  • Applicants cannot have attended ACU before.
  • Must be eligible for the ACU English Test, IELTS, etc.
  • Transcripts and any relevant records from the preceding academic level must be submitted.

Australia Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships

This award, out of all the scholarships offered in Australia, is only available to students from overseas who wish to enroll in a research master’s or degree program. It includes a grant stipend for living expenses in addition to the full tuition cost. The duration of the RTP scholarship is two years for a research master’s degree and three years for a research doctoral degree. You may contact our Leverage Edu consultants to learn more about the various rewards and qualifying requirements offered by universities that take advantage of the RTP scholarship. The Research Training Program (RTP) and the Research Support Program (RSP) are two research block grant programs that the government will fund with $1.05 billion in 2020.


  • The offset of tuition fees
  • An RTP allowance to cover living expenses
  • RTP reimbursements for moving expenses, HDR scholarly publishing fees, and health insurance premiums for the beneficiaries and their family.
  • An RTP scholarship can last up to two years for a research master’s degree or three years, with a maximum of four years, for a research doctoral degree.
  • For information on how to apply for the RTP scheme, please get in contact with your selected institution directly. Each university has its own application and selection procedures.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students from Australia and other countries who are registered in an approved HDR degree at a HEP can apply for RTP scholarships.
  • Participating universities will decide on additional eligibility.
  • The scholarship’s start and end dates differ from institution to university that participates.

ACU Destination Australia International Scholarship

The Destination Australia Program was launched to expand and develop the Australian tertiary education system by promoting and assisting both Australian and foreign students to pursue their studies in regional Australia. For this academic year, foreign students who register at the Ballarat campus can get financial assistance through this academic merit prize.


  • For three-year courses, students may be eligible for a grant of up to AUD 45,000, and for four-year courses up to AUD 60,000.
  • A total of $7,500 in payments will be made each semester in installments.
  • Destination Australia International Scholarship is a financial aid program offered by the Australian Catholic University (ACU).

Eligibility Criteria

  • Every nationality is accepted. Full-time, first-year undergraduate studies in any topic will be covered by the sponsorship.

To apply applicants must do all the following:

  • To be eligible to study, applicants must consent to reside in a regional or rural area of Victoria as defined by the Rural Remote and Metropolitan Area (PRMA).
  • ACU undergraduate programs must provide full, unrestricted admission to candidates starting in February 2020.
  • Students cannot have attended ACU before. To be eligible for this merit award, candidates must be admitted to ACU’s Ballarat campus for undergraduate studies. Applicants will be automatically considered for this academic fund if enrollment is accepted.
  • You might need to apply to ACU through the Tertiary Admissions Center (TAC) if you’re a foreign student pursuing an Australian Year 12 certificate.
  • All required official records, including diplomas and transcripts, passport, proof of work experience, proof of English language ability, professional registration, and letters of recommendation.
  • If the applicant is from a non-English speaking nation, a certificate (including IELTS, OET, and the ACU English Test) may be required.

Fully Funded Scholarships by the Australian Embassy

Australian Embassy offers scholarships for master’s, Ph.D., MBA, and undergraduate degrees.

The following specific Australian universities should receive the application:

  • Monash University
  • Australian National University
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Sydney
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Queensland
  • Macquarie University
  • Bond University
  • University of Western Australia


  • Fee tuition fees
  • A four-year free visa
  • Weekly/Travel Allowance
  • coverage for health insurance
  • Allowance for family if you’re married

Eligibility Criteria

  • Superior academic standing with an exceptional track record of service and leadership (not required).
  • We urge students with a high school GPA above 50% to apply.

Australian Scholarships-University Specific Scholarships

Several fully financed scholarships are offered by Australian institutions. Below is a list of the top five of them.

University of Sydney International Research Scholarship (USydlS)

The scholarship is available to University of Sydney students pursuing postgraduate, master’s, doctoral, and research degrees in any discipline. By encouraging more postgraduate students from abroad to work on research projects, they want to improve the university’s research endeavors. March Research Period 2 and July Research Period 3 are the available research periods for this fellowship.

General Scholarships for Bachelors and Honours

  • Sydney Scholars India Equity Scholarship: For you to be eligible for this grant, you must have applied for graduate school. A stipend of up to AUD 60,000 is being awarded.
  • Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program: You must have applied for a coursework degree to be eligible for this award. The first week of April is when applications are accepted, and the last week of May is when they are closed. A grant of up to AUD 50,000 is being awarded.
  • The Vice Chancellors International Scholarships are given to deserving foreign applicants. Up to AUD$ 40,000 in grants are available. Applications will be accepted from the first week of January Semester 1 and they must be submitted by the second week of June. To be eligible for this scholarship, you must have submitted an application by the applicable deadline and not yet started a CRICOS registered bachelor’s or master’s degree through coursework that is offered in-person (rather than online) in Australia.

Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI)

Graduate scholarships completely supported for overseas students are available from the University of Adelaide, Australia. A Master’s degree in research for two years and a doctorate research degree for three years with a possible six-month extension are the two programs for which these fully supported scholarships are offered. Course tuition, a yearly living allowance of $28,092 in 2020, health insurance for international students, relocation costs, and publication costs are all covered by the grant.


  • Candidates must be overseas students who have been accepted to the University of Adelaide for a master’s or doctorate by research program.
  • By the application deadline, applicants must submit proof that they have met the University of Adelaide’s minimal English language competency standards for direct admission.
  • Until a qualification has been properly completed (with appropriate proof submitted) or withdrawal documentation has been provided, applicants with a qualification in progress will not be eligible for consideration.
  • The minimum requirement for admission is the successful completion of an Australian Honours degree with a first-class ranking.

Scholarships by the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne in Australia offers 100% cost remission and stipend and fee offset scholarships up to $110,000. The university presently offers three of these scholarships.

  • Graduate Research Scholarships
  • Research Training Program Scholarships
  • Melbourne Research Scholarships

Successful graduate research students at the University of Melbourne can choose any one of these three options on an individual basis. No application is necessary to be eligible for this scholarship, if your performance is exceptional, you will be given priority consideration.


  • For students pursuing a master’s degree by research, the full cost offset is available for up to two years, or up to four years if they are pursuing a doctorate.
  • For students pursuing a Master by Research degree, a living allowance of about $30,600 per year pro rata 2019 full-time study rate may be granted for up to two years, or up to 3.5 years, for doctorate students. Limited paid sick, maternity, and parental leave are included in the living allowance, which may be subject to yearly indexation.
  • Students relocating from outside of Australia will get a relocation grant of $3000 or $2000 if they are coming from a state or territory other than Victoria.
  • There is the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) Single Membership for overseas students who need a student visa to study in Australia.


You must be enrolled in or have applied for a graduate research degree at the University of Melbourne and satisfy the prerequisites to be considered for admission.

PhD Research Scholarships by RMIT University

There are fully financed PhD scholarships available at RMIT University. Ten scholarships are offered. You must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) before applying. If your EOI is accepted, you will receive an invitation to submit a complete application.


Complete tuition, a living stipend, research funding, relocation, health insurance for overseas students, paid vacation, maternity, and parental leave are all included.


You must fulfill all prerequisites for enrollment in Ph.D. research degree programs. Either a master’s degree in coursework, research, or first-class honors should be held by the candidate.


Extensions of 3 years or 6 months are possible. This would depend on making adequate progress.

Opening/Closing Date of Australian Scholarship 2024

The complete application must be completed by the end of February, however the expression of interest must be submitted by the first week of February.

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